Summer School in Winter 2014

Tutors for SSiW 2014

Tutors - Don Marsh, Vincent Jeannerot, Olive Bull, Brody Neuenschwander, and Laurent Pflughaupt.



SSiW 2014

The Summer School in Winter (SSiW) 2014 was again a complete success, made possible by the excellent team assembled by the President Gyounghee Lee and Janine Mitchell who had put in so many hours arranging the tutors.

The many people involved in the presentation are nominated and thanked by the president in her report in the August 2014 Postscript

This year we had a record number of participants who came from Melbourne as well as contingents from Perth, Sydney, Country Victoria, NEW ZEALAND, and Queenland. We couldn't do it without the out -of- towners.

CSV Melbourne is very proud of this NATIONAL event.

The Gala Dinner is always a great event and this year we had sixty eight tutors, students, and friends, gathered at University College for a night of fun, making new acquaintances, laughter, and catching up with friends, as well as the delicious meal thanks to the catering staff at the College.

Dinner Placemat

Placemat for dinner designed by Margaret McIntyre

Our first tutor to present his work was Vincent Jeannerot. Although very nervous (and with his endearing French accent) exceeded all his expectations and presented an interesting and humorous speech along with photos of his exquisite Botanical Art.

Vincent Jeannerot

Vincent Jeannerot's talk

Brody Neuenschwander was enthralling and could have held the audience captive for hours, as he related his experiences working with movie director Peter Greenway, and the calligraphic event A Brush with Silence which he organized.

At the Dinner the big raffle was drawn and there was also the formal thank yous and gift presentations to the tutors.

This year we had BRODY NEUENSCHWANDER from Belgium who ran two workshops, a 3 day one called 'Collage for Calligraphiers' and this workshop was an opportunity to catch a glimpse of methods from Brody's own collage approaches developed over many years.

Brody's students

Some of Brody Neuenschwander's students.

The second workshop was a 2 day one called 'The Calligraphic Line' and here was a chance to do creative and experimental calligraphy using the line and how it can be developed to increase its expressive power and graphic qualities.


LAURENT PFLUGHAUPT from France also conducted two workshops, a 3 day one called 'Urban Transformation & Dynamic Composition' which became more than anyone expected as it became part classical composition class, pen manipulation virtuoso show and French vocabulary class. Collage, compositions by weilding shapes, colour and materials in various ways had everyone doing dynamic and challanging works. Fun was had by all in this workshop.

Laurent's class

Laurent's 2 day workshop was called 'Building Up Excitement' which tested everyones creativity by developing writing systems inspired by Traditional models and then applied to a contemporary context.

DON MARSH from the United States of America, ran two workshops, 'Italian Hand' for 3 days, which focused on seeing, understanding and learning the details, history, and aspects of English-style Italian Hand: the script with the longest unbroken history of use. His second workshop 'Ampersands, Abbreviations & Numerals' ran for 2 days and covered the history of ampersands and how they are used, thru to designing your own ampersand using what ever tool you are comfortable with, pen, pencil or marker. Numerals and their history were covered and could have been a workshop on their own. Both Don's workshops were about approaching letterforms as graphic design rather that written hands.

Don's class

VINCENT JEANNEROT from France, likewise ran 2 workshops teaching the arts and skills of botanical watercolour painting and drawing, a 3 day one called 'Perfect Peonies, and a 2 day one called 'Captivating Camellias. Both these workshops left students in awe of his talents and his great patience assisted all, and his favourite words 'more water, more water'.

OLIVE BULL from Australia, ran two workshops, a 3 day one titled 'Capital Experience' in which the students also received a geometry lesson they hadn't bargained for, so they learnt the basics of Roman Capitals including accurate calcualtions for sizing and alternative scripts. The second 2 day workshop was called 'Versals: Firm Foundations' where Olive taught the students to see the beauty in the Versal form and function, and continue to refine and polish them.

Olive Bull

We are now looking toward next year.