Summer School in Winter 2016

SSIW Front Cover 2016

The image above is by Susan Hufton.

"Copyright of all images and artwork belongs to the artists. Please respect their rights"


What is SSiW

A fabulous five days with specialist tutors, carefully chosen programs… catching up with people from near and far not seen since last SSiW, and non-stop chatter about something we all love, lettering. People from all over Australia and New Zealand joined the Victorians to welcome our accomplished tutors from all over the world.

The venues for SSiW 2016 are Centre for Theology and St Mary's College, Melbourne VIC.


At next year's SSIW ( 2016) we are offering an " in-house" dinner for those who may prefer to sometimes eat in, rather than go out every other night

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SSIW 2016 Brochures FOR SALE

If you would like to purchase your own copy of the SSiW 2016 brochure, they are available at a cost of $10 (including postage within Australia) each.

The brochures can be obtained from Helen Gritscher - email address or phone 03 9889 5258.


THE FOLLOWING CLASSES ARE NOW FULL   ALL the classes from our overseas tutors Sue Hufton, Amity Parks and Brody Neuenschwander are now full.

as at 21/02/2016





SSiW 2016 runs from

Wednesday 29th June to Sunday 3th July

There will be 5 tutors in 2016.

They are Olive Bull, from Tasmania Australia, Susan Hufton, from the United Kingdom, John Mathieson, from South Australia, Brody Neuenschwander, from Belgium, and Amity Parks from the United States of America.

Brochure and Booking form are in Adobe PDF format. Just fill in the booking form and post 

IMPORTANT BOOKING NOTE: Our mail based booking system is an attempt to give every participant, both local, interstate and overseas an even chance to get into the classes of their choice.

Bookings are accepted only by postal mail in order of postmarked date (NO Earlier Than February 12th, 2016), and only on SSiW booking forms.

To see the full colour version of the brochure CLICK HERE. "Copyright of all images and artwork belongs to the artists. Please respect their rights"

For the booking form CLICK HERE.  

Direct any booking queries to:

Murray Vagg, Bookings Co-ordinator

14 Marshall Place Clifton Hill, Vic 3068 Australia

(03) 9481 2705 after hours


SSiW 2016 Confirmation Information.

Here is the confirmation information which consists of where SSiW will be held, and an information notice covering materials and events and suggestions to improve your experience at SSiW.

The information package is in PDF format

The information about the location of ATM's available here


For the general Information document.



For a Map of the SSiW 2016 locations.