Julie Chambers


16th & 17th September (Saturday & Sunday)
10am - 4pm


St Joseph’s Church, Rouse Street, Port Melbourne


Members: $120
Non members: $200


Not suitable for beginners, as it is necessary to have an understanding of the basic concepts of calligraphic writing and the use of different tools


Are You My Type?


Have you ever seen a computer ‘font’ (typeface) and thought, “That would look great in a calligraphic piece”? Typefaces have transcended their original purpose, which was basically mass-produced legibility. Nowadays typefaces are created by people from different walks of life, for all sorts of applications, which makes them a great source of inspiration for lettering artists.

In this 2-day workshop you will discover the world of typography, from which you will draw elements and whole scripts to work with, using the tools that are familiar to you. You will learn the process of dissecting typefaces and reproducing or adapting them with your own tools, as well as appropriate applications for various typefaces.

Very little is required for this class – just the basic pen, ink, paper and a few other materials. A vast amount of source material will be provided to refer to in class. The focus will be on gaining confidence in producing your own, hand written version of printed typefaces, and attention will paid to the finer points of what makes each script its own entity.